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They love us unconditionally....
They greet us enthusiastically....
They forgive us without reservation....
They are a role model of how to live life to the fullest.

This page was designed to portray how much happiness and love our companion animals bring to us.


Just wanted to give you an update on our precious ella, who we have renamed brulee (as in the dessert creme brulee!). she is absolutely perfect! not only do we love her more than anything, everyone who meets her falls in love with her. she is sooo smart. i am going to begin training her today and have no doubt she is going to learn everything quickly. i am fortunate that i can take her to work with me and of coarse everyone at my work wants her! even all the big burly men! she loves my 2 big dogs and they love her too, although she has a little bit of little dog syndrome and will not back down to them and my large cat who she loves. when it is bed time, she gets in our bed and goes to sleep all night until we wake her in the morn. she loves her toys and loves to nap on her doggie bed. i have to thank you for introducing her to pottying outside. from day one, she has known what to do when i take her out. i will do my best to send you pics of her so you can see her grow. i have been checking your website to see if her littermates have been adopted and my husband and i would say that people just don't know what they are missing by not adopting a lhasopoo. i see know that all are gone but chaz. i hope they all are in good homes, but agian, brulee probably got the best deal!!! thank you for brulee-she is just what we needed!!!.....Melissa Brewton, Waco,TX


Just wanted to send you some shots of Jasper as his 1st birthday nears. He has been such a pleasure and he literally stops traffic. As you know he was supposed to be my daughters dog, but has very much attached himself to me. As you can tell by the photos I don't like him at all! He has a great relationship with everyone in our family. He is very smart, smart enough to have us trained. We live most of the week in San Antonio and in Pleasanton on weekends. He is great in the city. The noises don't bother him, but let someone come to the door or walk by in his sight and he is on top of things. We went to a parade and of coarse there were fire trucks and police cars blaring their horns and it did not faze him in the least. Everyone was amazed! He ways 19 lbs, he is about 25 inches long from his head to his butt and stands about 14 inches. His favorite thing is to play ball, he has no quit. He enjoys the country life also and it is a hoot to watch him try to heard our cows. They look at him like he has lost his mind. I could brag on him forever, but don't think you want to hear a mom's pride. Most of all he loves us and we love him!!!! Thank you so much for breeding an outstanding animal and friend. He goes everywhere with us and he is a hit. I have many people wanting your web site, which I pass along. I don't know if you are still breeding Auggies, but they are wonderful dogs. Enjoy the pictures......Melinda Eustace


Fergie is a great dog. She grew up to be around 11 pounds of personality! She is super sweet with the kids. They dress her up, carry her like a baby and she LOVES it! She is not a barker - only when the other dog takes her toys. She absolutely loves the outdoors- I think she gets that from her start with you! Very smart, too. She can play dead, dance, give high five, roll over, hugs, sit, stay, twist (combo jump & turn at same time). Believe it or not, she enjoys having her hair done. We take her on the boat with us, too. She is such a good sport! She has brought new life to my "Grandma" dog who is 16 years old - so she has been a joy to have. We are so happy to have her in our family. Fergie always gets compliments and I would encourage people to look at your dogs.......The Hunter Family


Theodore has turned into the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. He gets so many compliments when I take him out on errands or even up to the pet store. Teddy is very smart and of course loves little treats......I've taught him how to shake....it is the cutest thing....since his paws are so small. He knows how to sit, and how to lay down, and then roll over. The best thing we've taught him is how to play "dead". He rolls over on his back and doesn't move.....it is the funniest thing! I am still working with him...so there's more to come. He currently weighs a perfect weight of 6 pounds. I have allowed his hair to grow out a bit and brush it regularly. He loves being around other dogs and plays constantly!! I credit you for socializing Theodore at such an early age with Bojangles and your other dogs. Thank You!..........Malina


Teddy has brought so much joy to our lives! He has his own unique little personality and loves to play with his toys and run the "Teddy 200" (a track he has created for himself around our living room and that he runs nightly). His favorite thing to do is snuggle, and as soon as one of us sits down, he is hopping on our laps within seconds. He is definitely the center of attention wherever he goes!......Caroline & Jonathan


I'm enclosing a picture of Maksim Ciel, age 1 year and 7 months. "Maks" is a doll! He brings so much to our lives. I wish you could see him traveling with us in the "big truck" while we're towing our fifth wheel. Maks sits on the console on his cushion and surveys the world. He loves to travel, and we love having him with us. Maks is pretty well trained now, and he responds to our commands-he's smart, and sooo cute! He particularly understands the words, "truck," "camping," and "walk". He really perks up when he hears those words. Maks is a sweetie, and only knows about giving and receiving love. We are so proud of him, and we appreciate your breeding expertise. Our best wishes to you and your family, and thank you again for our Maks..........Phoebe and Brant


Panda is 10 weeks old now, and fits in well with this cat. Our older cat is still a little shy of him, as she was attacked and almost killed by a dog, but she is getting better with him.....and he has learned to leave her alone. One day he brought her his chew toy and just dropped it in front of her, and laid down......it was so cute!..........Sherlene

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