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You can print this application or copy and send to us in an email




  1. What are your living arrangements? Do you own your home, apartment, etc.?

  2. Do you have a fenced in yard? If not, how will you handle puppies outside time?

  3. Who is in your household (and ages)?

  4. Do you have other animals? What are they? Are they neutered or spayed?

  5. Do you have a veterinarian? May I use him/her for a reference?

  6. Why are you interested in this breed?

  7. Animal History - animals you have owned in the last 5 years and what happened to them?

  8. Where will the puppy live?

  9. Will you crate train?

  10. Do you work outside the home? Who will care for your puppy when you're not there?

  11. Will you spay/neuter?

  12. Provide two References and phone numbers.

Puppyville Texas
5294 CR 107
Gainesville, Texas 76240
(903) 436-1596

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