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Welcome to Puppyville Texas
where puppies are designed just for you.

Aussiedoodles ~ Cavapoos

We now offer Boarding, Doggie Day Care, Grooming, & Event Classes!
For more information go to Puppyville Bed & Biscuit & Event Center

We have your needs in mind for every life we create. Be it on your lap or in the show ring. We have carefully selected our "Mamas and Papas" with High Expectations, and a list of criteria in mind.

  1. Intelligent and loving
  2. Good bloodlines
  3. Athletic ability
  4. Great companion
  5. Easy to housebreak
  6. Little to no shedding
  7. No bad habits and easy to care for
  8. And, of course, a long healthy life

When we "crossbreed", there is always a purpose in mind...not because of a "fad". The resulting puppy will be better than, smarter than, and healthier than it's parents.

We are not a puppy mill or kennel....each and every one are our "extended family". Every puppy comes prespoiled, preloved, and well socialized. We ask that you take your time and carefully research each breed you're interested in. Each breed is special and has his own special needs and qualities. Please familiarize yourself with that breed, and be sure you are prepared to provide the care they will require to have a long, healthy, happy life together....After all, he's not "just a puppy"....he's a FRIEND FOR A LIFETIME!!

We live on a 43 acre ranch in North Texas, and have been in the horse business for 30 plus years. We bought our first pair of Aussies in 2005 and discovered from that experience that raising puppies was something I wanted a lot more of.

The puppies energize me. They are a daily lesson in friendship, love, trust, faith, happiness, and a fascination for the "simple things" in life...the flutter of a leaf, the suns shadow, snowflakes falling slowly to the ground. I am reminded with resultant humility that us and the animal kingdom are one and the same in the scheme of creation.


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Puppyville Texas
5294 CR 107
Gainesville, Texas 76240
(903) 436-1596

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