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Our puppies are sold in perfect health!

We occasionally have older dogs for sale at a very modest price.

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They are vaccinated up to date and wormed every 2 weeks with Nemex 2.

What comes with your puppy.............

  • Birth Certificate
  • Health Guarantee
  • Info packet on feeding, grooming & house breaking
  • Gift Bag - Puppy food, Litter baby, Rawhide chews, Treats, Toothbrush, Toothpaste & Puppy poems

Contact us to see what is available.

We have a waiting list for our pups. The procedure for being on the list is to start by completing our Puppy Application and send to us.

Puppies start at $1100.00.

An Orphans "Tail"......

On June 25, my CKC, Wendy, gave birth to a beautiful litter of 7 Cavapoo puppies. I was ecstatic!!. Sadly, 2 days later, I noticed Mom was getting lethargic, so I immediately made a trip to my veterinarian. After endless bloodwork, I was faced with rushing Wendy to the Emergency Hospital, and weaning the puppies. I looked at 7 tiny precious lives, and burst into tears. I was overwhelmed with the fear of losing them. Wendy had a ruptured uterus, and her days as a mother was abruptly ended, and I was now the mother of 7 tiny Cavapoos. Through an answered prayer, and the wisdom of a fellow breeder.......... PLUS, feeding 7 hungry babies EVERY 2 hours for 4 weeks.........Me and 7 orphan puppies were VICTORIOUS!!!!!!!

My Journey As A Puppy Mother:

Me and 7 orphan puppies made it to weaning time!!! I'm so proud of my babies, we made it to the next step, eating on our own from a dish.....my heart burst with pride as I watched them eat eagerly!!

How do I find THE perfect families for these perfect babies?? I meticulously went through dozens of puppy applications, over and over, until I was dizzy. Finally chose the families that I would contact, and again, carefully scrutinize my choices as they visited and picked their puppy. I felt relieved about my choices as I was thinking I had successfully achieved my mission as a puppy mother, and the hardest part was over......WRONG.

The first family was scheduled to pick up their baby, and all of a sudden everything that has happened the last 8 weeks came crashing down, and I felt the undeniable "tug of the golden cord"!!

One by one, the families came and excitedly picked up their babies, and I wept a mothers tear as they disappeared down the lane. Now, as I reflect, I think I had a little help from above. These were the "perfect families", and I have a special place in my heart for each and every one of you. You have touched my life more than you can imagine!!!!

Meet The Families...

Shelbourne family of N. Richland hills, with their orphans, Cali and Sophie

Cantrell family of Dallas with Posey

Hetherwick family of Houston with Teddy. Lost everything in the hurricane, came to pick up their puppy in borrowed cloths and shoes. Still living in a hotel.

The Richter family of Dallas with Sandi

The Eaton family of Austin with Lola

The Conroy family of Dallas with Buddy

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